About Us

Slim Charger was designed after a very common moment left me without power on my cell phone and I was stranded without the ability to call a loved one, arrange an Uber or contact anyone who could help me.  This was a light bulb moment that I needed something on me at all times that I would be willing to carry so it needed to be light weight and forget I even had it on me until the moment its needed.  From there, Slim Charger was born.  A light weight, go anywhere, slimmer than your cell phone battery pack was designed.  There are many portable battery packs on the market but they are big, bulky and impossible to carry in practical terms.  When we designed Slim Charger we also wanted it to be universal to all devices.  You never know if the person in need has an Apple phone, Android phone or the modern USB-C for compatibility - with Slim Charger is doesn't matter!  It is a one connector fits all types.  Don't just stop at your cell phone - this will super charge your Earbuds, Airpods, Portable Speaker, Ipad, Kindle and dozens of other devices regardless of the compatibility.